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Changes in the Business Register

We will ensure quick and easy entry of changes in the Business Register. The price includes all fees.

Execution and entry of changes in the Business Register Price                   
Appointment or removal of a managing director, proctor or a member of a supervisory board 180 €
Change of the way of acting on the part of a managing director or proctor 180 €
Change of a business name 180 €
Change of the permanent residence of a managing director or partner 180 €
Change of a registered office 220 €
Increase in a registered capital 240 €
Change or expansion of objects or activities 240 €
Change of the amount of a partner’s share 270 €
Transfer of a business share and change of a partner 270 €
Entry of a lien on a partner’s share 290 €
Decrease in a registered capital 290 €
Changes in the structural component of a legal person 290 €
Entry of several changes submitted upon one proposal 370 €
Changes in a joint-stock company 390 €
Drawing up of the full text of memorandum or articles 1 page = 5 €