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Our goal is to make doing business easier for you
We approach each customer individually, and within the framework of providing accounting services we also offer you added value in the form of consultation and advisory services in the areas of accounting, taxation, wages and personnel.
We keep accounting records in compliance with accounting laws and with regard to the proper application of tax laws. Since such laws are constantly changing, we regularly undergo training sessions and track the relevant changes in legislation. And that’s why we bear full responsibility for the keeping of an accounting agenda.

We offer services for companies at every stage of their existence.

Our long years of experience (since 1991) with keeping accounts and providing additional accounting services for firms doing business with foreign companies have shown us to be professionals also in the obtaining of refunds of value-added tax from abroad, or with mandatory Intrastat statements.

We are located near the center of Bratislava on Kutuzovova street (not far from Polus), and you can at any time agree to a personal meeting. We are also able to provide online accounting services to customers from all of Slovakia.