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We will arrange for you sending the Intrastat statements in accordance with requirements resulting from applicable legislation. The price for the service is minimum EUR 80.00 per statement. To specify the exact price, please contact us.

Basic information about Intrastat:

Since 1993, the Statistical Office had to replace the collection of information from the Customs Administration (SAD) using its own statistics – INTRASTAT. Since 2010, the statements are sent exclusively electronically. This applies to goods dispatched to or received from the territory of Slovak Republic, while the goods are considered all movable property, including electricity, gas and water. Community goods are

a) the goods wholly obtained or produced in the customs territory of the Community;
b) the goods from countries and territories that are not part of the customs territory, released for free circulation;
c) the goods obtained or produced from the goods referred to in paragraph a) and b).

In regard to the INTRASTAT-SK system, information on the Community goods leaving the territory of the Slovak Republic dispatched to another Member State, except for the goods passing through the territory of the Slovak Republic directly or stopping there for reasons related to the transport of goods, is stated when dispatching the goods.
Information on the Community goods entering the territory of the Slovak Republic, except for the goods passing through the Slovak Republic directly or stopping there for reasons related to the transport of goods, is stated when receiving the goods.
In 2011 all legal and natural persons and groups registered as VAT payers in the Slovak Republic (according to the applicable Act on Value Added Tax), which in the previous calendar year or from the beginning of the year under consideration received or dispatched the Community goods in the aggregate value in excess of the threshold of exemption from VAT, are obliged to submit a simplified Intrastat statement. For 2011 the limit of exemption in case of receiving is set at EUR 200,000.00 and for dispatching EUR 400,000.00. For 2011 the simplification threshold is EUR 600,000.00 for receiving and EUR 1.7 million in case of dispatching.