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Payroll agenda

We process payroll accounting comprehensively, including:

  • registration and deregistration forms;
  • submitting and sending statements and reports to tax authorities and insurance companies;
  • preparation of annual statement of health insurance payments and tax;
  • issuing certificates for the needs of employees;
  • advice on wages;
  • issue of the application related to the E 101 form;
  • communication with all insurance companies and tax authorities.

Clients will monthly receive the following documents:

  • pay slips;
  • a payment order for a bank; a money transfer order may also take the form of direct access to the electronic system;
  • monthly summaries; at the request, requirements can be sorted according to departments, categories and the like and summaries can be drawn up accordingly;
  • at the request, pay slips can be printed in the form of hidden envelopes.